About Us

A New Kind of Marketplace

Abnormal Swag takes a different approach to the way you may normally shop for branded gear. Instead of giving you lots of options for things you don’t want, we focus on only one item at a time, with new product releases periodically throughout the year. We only release new items when we know that we have something truly unique and worth your attention.

You will not find tired, run of the mill products here. Leveraging our extensive brand partnerships, sourcing wizardry, and distribution and decoration capabilities, we’ve created a new kind of marketplace. From boutique brands to products that are trending online or in social media, we put the hottest and most unique products in your hands, bearing your branding, helping you to stand out from your competition. Whether it is to promote your brand and business or to say thank you to your clients and team members, Abnormal Swag has the products that show true thought, creativity, and care went into your selection process.

Our Parent Company

Abnormal Swag is backed by Identity Works, Inc., an industry leader in branded apparel and promotional products since 1996. Providing brand-driven technology solutions, swag, and fulfillment services, you can rely on our expertise, award-winning creative, and personalized approach to customer service to outfit your team with exactly what they need.

The Identity Works family includes:

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