Image of wood Great Scrape BBQ cleaning tools in Nub (16"), Paddle (18"), and Shovel (20") sizes
Image of customized wood Great Scrape BBQ cleaning tools

The Great Scrape Ultimate BBQ Cleaner

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Goodbye wire bristles in your food or cleaning chemicals! The Great Scrape is an all-natural hardwood grill scraper that takes on the exact shape of your grill grates, giving you a deep and effective clean. It offers a distinctive and easy-to-handle shovel shape and is available in three sizes. Your price includes a permanent imprint on one side of the scraper blade.


The most effective and natural grill cleaner possible, the Great Scrape Ultimate BBQ Tool is a solid hardwood scraper that shapes itself to the teeth of your grill, giving you a custom fit to your grate pattern for maximum cleaning efficiency. No more chemical cleaners or wire brushes that can damage grate coatings or leave metal bristles on your grill or in your food! The Great Scrape is an effective, memorable, and unique corporate gift that gives you years of brand impressions to customers or employees, with either a laser engraved or permanent burned-in logo that will not wash off or wear away.

Each Great Scrape also features a hand-tied rawhide strap to easily hang the tool from a utility hook on a grill or in a garage/kitchen.

Available Sizes
The Great Scrape is available in three sizes: the Nub, Paddle, and Shovel. All three sizes feature the same cleaning head width with different handle lengths. 

  • Woody Nub: Perfect for camping and tailgating and use on smaller grills, this compact model measures 16" tall x 4.75" wide x .75" thick. Available Imprint Size: 4" wide x 4" tall
  • Woody Paddle: Made for everyday use, the Paddle features a contoured comfort-grip handle and extra reach to get under warming racks. Measures 18" tall x 4.75" wide x .75" thick. Available Imprint Size: 4" wide x 4" tall
  • Woody Shovel: The ultimate grilling accessory, the Shovel features an oval pass through handle for a more comfortable grip and maximum leverage, with an extra-long length. Measures 20" tall x 4.75" wide x .75" thick. Available Imprint Size: 4" wide x 3" tall

How it Works
Unlike other scrapers with pre-formed teeth or wire brushes that may not give you a deep cleaning, The Great Scrape starts with a straight edge that burns into and takes on the shape of each user's personal grill grate pattern. This provides a hand-in-glove fit to each unique grill grate. Scraping a hot grill with the Great Scrape forms teeth that, with continued use, will become deeper, more pronounced, and more effective. Once the grate pattern is burned in, the Great Scrape can be used on either a hot or cold grill for effective cleaning.

The shovel shape of the Great Scrape allows for good leverage, making it easier to clean your grill grate. The wedge-shaped cleaning head of the tool also promotes a long life, as it helps slow a hot grill from continuing to burn into the Great Scrape once it has reached an ideal depth.

Using the Great Scrap on a cold or warm surface instead of hot will prolong its life. It is also strongly recommended that each Great Scrape only be used on one grill, as all cooking grates have different grate widths and patterns.

All Great Scrape tools are treated with butcher block oil before shipping to help protect the wood and to retain a beautiful look and feel. Butcher block oil can be used as desired to prolong the life of the scraper but is not necessary if your tool is stored out of the elements.

Your Great Scrape tool should be cared for in a similar way to a wooden cutting board or butcher block. Hand washing only is recommended with a cloth or soft (or silicone) brush. Abrasive chemical cleaners or cleaning pads are not recommended to protect the finish of the Great Scrape. Do not clean in dishwasher.

With proper care, maintenance, and handling, the Great Scrape can be effectively used for years on a single grill making it a very cost-effective swag item with an extremely low cost per impression for your brand.


Your price includes a permanent imprint on one side of the scraper blade, opposite the Great Scrape logo (laser engraved on initial orders of 24-99 pieces, or heat branded on initial orders of 100+ pieces).

Available imprint sizes are:

  • Woody Nub: 4" wide x 4" tall
  • Woody Paddle: 4" wide x 4" tall
  • Woody Shovel: 4" wide x 3" tall
Packaging & Delivery

All Great Scrapes are packaged 12 per carton.

Most orders ship within 4 weeks of art approval. However, during peak season (May-June and during holiday rush times) production may take as long as 6 weeks from art approval. All orders ship from the Midwest US (MN or WI).