About Abnormal Swag

AbnormalSwag by Identity Works is a different way to shop for branded gear. You will not find tired, run of the mill products here. Leveraging our extensive brand partnerships, sourcing wizardry and distribution and decoration capabilities, we’ve created AbnormalSwag as a new kind of marketplace, focusing only on products that you will not find for branded promotion purposes from typical sources. From hot boutique brands to products that are trending online or in social media, we’ve created the distribution network to put the hottest and most unique products in the hands of your clients, bearing your brand, making you truly different from your competition.

Our approach with AbnormalSwag is different from other sites out there. Instead of giving you a ton of options of stuff you don’t want, we focus on only 1 product at a time, with a new product released from time to time. How often does that mean? Well, it means we release new products only when we know we having something truly unique and worth your time. That could mean a new brand or product featured next month or by the next change in season. It has to be unique and trending to be featured on AbnormalSwag.  Keep checking back, join our email list, or follow us on social media to be sure you see the latest product releases. Previous featured products are visible and available for purchase in our Past Swag section.

AbnormalSwag is powered by Identity Works, Inc. Founded in 1996 and based out of the La Crosse area in WI, Identity Works is a national leader in branded merchandise, apparel, technology, and fulfillment. Our proprietary branded technology platform powers national and international organizations, backed by award-winning creative and personalized, white-glove service for all of our customers. More about Identity Works



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